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The UK BARS partnership (Defra, Natural England, Northern Ireland Environment Agency, Scottish Natural Heritage, Wales Biodiversity Partnership, and Joint Nature Conservation Committee) has taken the difficult decision to discontinue support for the Biodiversity Action Reporting System. Uptake of the system has been limited and it has failed to present a comprehensive picture of biodiversity action across the UK.

BARS will close at the end of November 2016. Until then BARS will continue to function normally and users may run reports to summarise their Actions and Projects. All the data on the system will be archived in early December and each organisation will be offered a prepared download of their own data as it was submitted to BARS, including spatial locations. Organisation administrators will be sent details of how to download their archives after the system has closed.

BARS closure notification and contact details

Further information

All verified BARS users have been sent details of the closure via direct email, including country specific advice and contact details. See information below.

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